3 Tools I Use to Manage My Life & Work

The Creative Process - 3 tools I use to plan my life and my work

Organizing my life is important. I have many projects I involve myself with and a terrible memory at that. I basically try any tool I can to help me keep focused or to track my ideas for specific projects. These three, however, are some I’ve stuck with over the years. Let me tell you a little bit about them! The links are referral links, but all these services are free to use.


This is my absolute favorite tool. It over took things like Wunderlist and HabitRPG, now Habitica, for me. Ironically enough, I learned about Trello though Habitica’s developer notices. I still use those two, just for different things now.

Trello uses a card and list system. It kind of reminds me a bit of using post-its. There are lists that you make of different cards. And within those cards you can add photos, checklists, and comments. I mostly use the checklists. They’re great for day listing or keeping track of tasks you need to do to complete a project. I have several boards set up for different things like my Second Life and IMVU stores, things I want to do to improve my health, things I want to learn about, and even some shopping lists.

Another thing I like is that it integrates with TimeCamp, an activity tracker for your computer. I don’t really use this feature much since I’ve got my automatic TimeCamp on lock, but it’s nice to know if I ever had the need to track a task I was working on, I could do it manually with Trello. It’s even got a nifty little sidebar that will tell you how long you’ve spent doing each thing.


SPEAKING of shopping lists, I think Wunderlist is the ultimate for makings shopping lists. Maybe it’s out of habit, but I consistently use this just for that purpose. Of course since I found this before Trello, I have other lists with work related things or hobbies. My favorite thing is my master list of all the costumes I’d love to wear just for random photo shoots.

You can set due dates for your items, create multiple lists, and add notes to list items. Every list is a check list, so this is good for making those quick check lists. It is a little bit of extra effort to view your notes, which is one reason why I like Trello better. It’s not much though, and unlike Trello, you can add notes to each individual item.


Evernote is basically my replacement for Spring Pad, which sadly shut its doors back in 2014, I believe. I miss Spring Pad a lot but Evernote contains the basic functionality, and we were even able to import our Spring Pad data after they closed. This is kind of my go-to app for collecting all those Tumblr posts I find while browsing on my app. I run multiple tumblrs and admittedly not all of them have content I think my friends really want to see. But you know, sometimes you come across a post that’s funny or totally reminds you of your friend, so you save it for later when you’ve got a moment to send it to them properly.

Another thing Evernote does, which is really its star feature, is it acts as say… a box of newspaper clippings, but for online things. You can save photos (something I do a lot for coming up with new hairstyle ideas) or whole webpages, or just highlight a section to keep. You save everything into notebooks and can add comments on the clipped content. You can also just write up your own notes for things. It really is like a digital notebook.

So there you have it; my 3 favorite tools

I use these a lot to keep organized and it really helps. You’ll probably see me referencing them often throughout my posts. If you need a little organization in your life, I strongly suggest any of these, especially Trello for keeping track of several large projects. In a future post, I’ll talk about time tracking, featuring the two other websites I mentioned before, Habitica and TimeCamp!

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The Creative Process - 3 tools I use to plan my life and my work

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