October is here! Let’s get cozy for fall!

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October is my absolute favorite month. The weather is manageable. Halloween is everywhere. And of course, there’s MY BIRTHDAY, WOOOOOOOOOOO! What a great month, right? Here’s a look at what I have planned for Wonderland Loft in October.

Happy birthday-month to me!

I’m a proud October Scorpio, born on the 29th. The same birthday as my childhood fave Setsuna Meioh aka Sailor Pluto. What a need, amirite? Whatever. I still love Sailor Moon; can’t stop won’t stop.

For my birthday this year, I’m hoping to acquire some photo studio equipment. I’ve been researching it for a while because of my twitch streaming. I want a chroma key setup. It just so happens that I could use the same equipment for blogging. Knock out two things at once! I’ll be posting about my process on choosing exactly what equipment I want for my set up.

Birthday fashion

I had a lot of fun styling an outfit specifically for my birthday dinner last year, so I’m going to do it again this year. I didn’t manage to actually purchase everything I wanted in time since it was a last minute project, but this year, I’M READY. I’ll be pushing for “hey I’m a Scorpio” paired with an ancient Egyptian style. Stay tuned for a complete outfit styling post.

It’s officially autumn

Okay, so it has been for over a week now, but whatever. I was busy?

I’m realizing that I’ve forgotten the real reason I created this blog: to share my favorite things. In fact, I totally forgot until after I had written the majority of this post. You’re experiencing self-rediscovery in real time, wow!

Anyway, in the spirit of fall, I’ll be compiling lists of fun crafts and DIY projects, delicious food, and beauty and fashion ideas. Colder weather means all things cozy. I hope everything I share this month will make your life feel cozy and snug in the chilly days ahead.

Show me your faves!

Feel free to share your favorite links in the comments below. I want to see your favorite fall or Halloween themed blog posts or websites! Maybe a good place for Halloween costumes.

If you run a blog, link a post or two. Since I haven’t actually compiled any of these lists yet, I may even feature your content. Perhaps it will inspire an entirely new post.

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Share your favorite autumn or Halloween posts in the comments

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