Steph’s Discover Play List: August 22, 2016

Play list sharing, because I love music

I want to share a lot of different play lists, but curating music is definitely a feat! For now, I’m going to share my Discover play lists from Spotify. They’re pretty accurate to what I like to listen to. I’ll be updating every Monday with the new weekly lists. Hope you enjoy and find something you like!

This week’s play list features 30 songs and has a runtime of 1 hour and 57 minutes. It’s truly a discovery list because the only artist I’ve heard of is Krewella, and I haven’t listen to much of their stuff anyway.

Possible genres

I listen to a variety of music styles, most recently:

  • indie electronica
  • trance
  • trap
  • some pop (mostly ya gurl Lana Del Rey), and
  • chill versions of all the aforementioned.

This week’s play list is heavy on the chill.

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Spotify Discovery Play List August 22, 2016

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