Getting a New Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 7

My phone is basically an extension of my arm. When I can’t get to my computer, it’s important to me to still be connected. Rather just for researching the latest 3D modeling trends, looking up clothing, trying to find the latest in beauty products or just to able to keep in touch with all my friends. I’m also able to monitor any customer issues sent to my email box. Sometimes I’m able to help them without making them wait till I make it back home. Add in all the fun stuff you can do – YouTube, Twitch, Netflix – and it’s no wonder why I find it hard to part with some sort of phone or tablet device.

Time for an upgrade

Last year, my two year upgrade was available. At the time, I wasn’t really excited about any of the phones that were out then. I wanted to continue with the Galaxy line but the S6 wasn’t super appealing to me, especially after my sister had issues with her So Edge running slowly. Plus, I knew if I got the 6, I’d be missing out on my chance to grab a phone with lucky number 7. Totally a reason to pick a device, right?

The well, truly, I didn’t really have to wait for long. The Galaxy S7 came out shortly after I was eligible. The problem was that most of the phone companies have changed how customers buy their phones. In lieu of the two year contract, you now purchase the phone over monthly payments. This is in addition to whatever your service bill is. The thought of paying full price for a phone was daunting, though I suppose in a contract you would pay for it anyway. Either way, I couldn’t really afford to pay the extra per month at the time, and my dad wasn’t willing to help me out. I’m still on the family plan because they let me be, so why not!?

Lately I’ve been making more money and my sister and I moved so our bills are a bit cheaper. I figured it was the right time to purchase! After a hiccup with my Verizon account not letting me purchase, I’m so excited to finally be able to buy a new phone! It took a long time, but in a way, I’m glad it did.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is out tomorrow!

The Galaxy Note 7 is coming out on August 19th (that’s tomorrow!). It went on pre-sale the day I was trying to sort out my account information. I was so annoyed by all the hiccups, but it really worked out. The Note 7 is basically an upgraded version of the S7 Edge, the phone I had originally planned to purchase. I’ve always wanted to try the S-Pen, too. Well, I suppose I’ve had a little experience with it thanks to my friend’s Note 3.

I put in my order on the 16th, it shipped on the 17th, and by tomorrow I should have it. I’m so excited! Once I’ve received it, I have several phone related posts I want to do. If you’re interested, please come back again to check them out!

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