Metal Mulisha Bags – Black, Pink, and Bows; OMG!

Handbag Wishlist #1


Metal Mulisha Bags

First, I’d like to say how excited I am to write this post! This is the first in a series of wish list type posts I’ll be doing. I have a lot of things saved up that I’d love to share. Honestly, a place to share my wish lists is the idea that finally made me feel like I could actually start up a blog. After making up excuses and putting it off for long, I finally feel like “THIS IS IT! I can do this!”

Since I’m super excited about blogging and sharing wish lists and things, I thought I’d start with some bags I fell in love with a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure these bags were somehow designed especially for me. Black and pink, WITH BOWS, and a metal/gothic style? Yes, please! Plus, they’re totally affordable at about $50 a pop. I’m definitely buying one of these as one of my diet milestone rewards.

I’ve picked 5 bags for the graphic, but I pretty much love every single Metal Mulisha has produced. You can check out the rest of the bag line, as well as clothing, shoes, and other accessories – both for men and women – here at their website.

Interested in owning one or a few of these bags for yourself? Get started with these links!

Go Shopping!

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